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What You Need to Know About Italian Culture

Italian Culture

What You Need to Know About Italian Culture

Although many items come to mind when Italy is mentioned, it is possible to say that pasta and pizza come first in general. Leonardo Da Vinci are some of the other known features of Venice Italy. Italy is one of the most modern cities in various fields such as art, history, architecture, aesthetics, unique tastes, love, fashion, dance, cinema and football. Italy, which is one of the European cities that accept the most tourists after France, continues to protect this feature with its culturally important areas. Being the center of fashion, being the center of the Roman Catholic Church, Florence being the birthplace of the Renaissance, being Genoese and Venice in the maritime area, it provides us with a lot of information about the culture of Italy. The Italian culture, which almost everyone has an opinion about, comes up with many factors.

Streets of Italy Smelling Art

In terms of many possibilities such as history, architecture, sculpture and painting, Italy is almost a work of art. Cities such as Florence, Naples, Milan, Rome, Siena, with their green gardens, magnificent statues, ornate palaces, buildings smelling of perfect history, monuments, narrow streets, flowered balconies, and streets with bridges and rivers flowing, Italy has the feature of smelling art. We should say that there is a quality education system in the country for people who want to receive art and architecture education. Bella, the figure of beauty, appears as a criterion in many fields such as art, architecture and cinema.

What is the Food Culture like in Italy?

Mozzarella, pizza is among the details we encounter in the food culture in Italy. We can say that the cuisine is determined as the main factor that allows us to get an idea about the Italian culture. The food culture in Italy, which has survived to the present day by being influenced by Arab, Jewish, Byzantine, Roman and Greek cuisines, is extremely famous. Its unique dishes, cheese, wine and culinary culture also enable us to have general information about the cultures of Italians. In Italy, where pasta is not missing for lunch, traditional brioche is always accompanied by cappucino for breakfast. The food culture of Italians varies regionally, and each city and region has its own special dishes and flavors.

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