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What is Cosmetic?


Cosmetic products are used to clean, smell, protect and change the appearance of the human body, including hair dyes, hair lighteners, which are prepared to be applied to every aspect of the human body’s epidermis, nails, hair, lips and skin, i.e. different external structures of the body, teeth, and mucous membranes. products and substances.

In a more general form, it is defined as the products prepared, the treatment methods to be applied, the tools to be used in these treatments, together with the substances used to beautify the appearance.

Cosmetics comes from Latin: “Cosmos”. Ornament means beauty. cosmetics; The substances applied to clean the body or any part of the body, to beautify it, to make it attractive and to gain a different appearance, are the raw materials used to obtain them. This means a healthy, up-to-date life; means hygiene, care, beauty.

It reveals the effect of perfume, which is the Latin definition of fragrance, on human psychology, its importance from religious ceremonies to the smell of the skin, the proportion of these scents with hygiene, and how everything falls into the field of cosmetics and how wide this field is. Agne on the face, hair, teeth are all in this area. It is important to use a healthy, hygienic cosmetic product with the products – tools and treatments that go into cosmetics, from razor blades to toothpaste, from yellowing teeth to spilled hair and many other treatment methods.

When the science of cosmetics, which includes a vast product – tool – treatment method, is entered, it is seen that; A healthy life comes to the fore when the recommended – used and applied treatments are done with conscious people. This reveals that it should be done by people who know and apply the technology of cosmetic products prepared for the purposes, and who know the relevant laws and regulations.

For this reason, it is necessary for the lives of people, women, men, young and old, children, babies, sick and healthy, to do this work by people who have learned and read about Dermatology, Microbiology, Toxicology – Hygiene, Skin care scientifically, and who apply and know the cosmetic laws and regulations. The protection of the neglected packaging; It is necessary to know how important heat – time is in terms of oxygen and not to forget how toxicity can harm health if it is not known.

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