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What is Birth Insurance?


What does maternity insurance include ?

  • Hospital and delivery expenses (normal delivery and cesarean section)
  • Pre and postpartum expenses
  • The cost of the ambulance transporting the pregnant to the nearest hospital.

It insures some expenses of the newborn baby within a certain limit.

When should maternity insurance be taken out?

If maternity coverage is included in the insurance policy at the right time, you can benefit from what maternity insurance offers. Although this situation may vary according to insurance companies, it can usually be used 1 year after the insurance payment is started. This waiting period is called the maternity insurance waiting period.

Families who are considering having a baby should consider this situation and research the coverage at least one year in advance and make an agreement before it’s too late.

Workplace Insurance
It should not be forgotten that insurance plans made in workplaces have better conditions in terms of maternity coverage. Workplace insurance plans have higher limits than personal insurance policies and are therefore more preferred. In other words, when there is an expense in the hospital, it will be more profitable to try to deal with it not with your own policy, but with your workplace contracted policy. This will also give you a no-claims discount.

Originally posted 2021-12-13 15:10:23.

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