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What Are Skin Tests? How Are Skin Tests Done?


What Are Skin Tests? How Are Skin Tests Done?

When a small amount of diphtheria toxin is injected into the skin, a local reaction occurs in people who do not have antitoxin in their blood. Using this, a schick test is performed to understand those who are immune to diphtheria and those who are not. will be.

In these tests, after 0.1 ml of antigen is injected into the skin of the forearm, reactions occur in the form of redness, swelling and stiffness at the injection site within twenty-four, forty-eight hours in sensitive people. It indicates that he has had or is having infections. A positive allergic skin test indicates that the person is sensitized to that antigen. Test results are evaluated accordingly.

Tuberculin Test

When some chronic infectious diseases pathogen microbe or prepared antigen is injected into the patient’s skin with a small amount of sensitivity, it is seen that there is a sensitivity. In this way, the diagnosis of the disease is made. Hypersensitivity occurs a few weeks after the onset of the disease and remains for years. Therefore, a positive reaction does not always indicate the presence of the disease.

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