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VALORANT 3.12 Patch Notes


We’re making a slight update as we close the year so you can spend more time with your family during this period.
Still, agent-specific keybindings are finally here. We said it would come in Episode 3, right?

Special key assignments for agents
We heard your voice very clearly. Now you can set different key assignments for each agent by going to Settings menu!
You can start editing by going to Settings >> Controls >> Actions tab.
Added ability to create, delete and search different key assignment profile for all agents. You cannot create more than one profile per agent.
You can copy your default keybindings to one profile or to all profiles.
When your key assignments conflict with each other, you can see which other action the conflicting keys are currently assigned to.
You can undo individual changes you have made for each assignment profile. When you undo the change, the assignment profile you made will be reset to the way you originally created.

Reporting feature on the agent selection screen has been introduced!
You can now report annoying players in the pre-game phase. Just hover over their names and click REPORT.
You can also add players with whom you shared positive experiences to your friends list.
Friendly fire detection
Better stop deliberately throwing grenades at your teammates because we’re tracking these behaviors as well and will punish those who cause serious damage to teammates!

Large player cards
In light of community feedback, loading screens and death We’re bringing back the large player cards that appear on their banners.
Certain changes and bug fixes associated with Slate/UI areas in Unreal Engine versions 4.26 and 4.27.
Your character Fixed a bug where abilities that allowed him to hold something in his hand would appear incorrectly in third-person view. You can see this bug fix on Skye, Sage, Jett, Yoru and Reyna.

Originally posted 2021-12-11 22:25:43.

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