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Tips For Dressing Right


Choosing pants; If you want to show the upper part of your body longer, you should choose low-waisted trousers. To make your legs look longer than they are, choose high-waisted and straight-down trousers.

Beware of contrasting colors and big patterns. You can easily use vibrant colors, provided they are in the same tones as your top.

Jacket and shirt: Avoid jackets that are too long or short that end at the waist. Choose models that fit at the waist and stay at hip level. If you want to wear low-waisted trousers, you can wear a fringed, tasseled or sequined shirt.

Do not make color contrasts between the bottom and the top, if you want to make a contrast, apply fabric type contrasts: like a jean jacket on a silk dress.

Dress: Solid color and straight cut dresses make the silhouette look longer. You can also easily use feminine and sexy cuts. The length of the skirt can go down to the middle of the calves or even just above the heels.

Choosing trousers: Choose your trousers from flowy fabrics like crepe as much as possible.

Top: Wear long tunics that go down to the upper part of your legs, especially over trousers.

Instead of eye-catching and striking large patterns, choose solid colors and dark tones. Do not avoid using décolleté, but avoid belts that are thick and wrap around your waist.

Jacket: Prefer flowy fabrics; If possible, wear the front without buttoning up. Use smaller shoulder pads instead of large pads on your jackets.

Dress – skirt: should never hug your body: say goodbye to stretch fabrics! Non-adherent, flying fabrics are ideal. Use more monochromatic and dark tones as color.

IF YOU HAVE LARGE HIPS Pants; Do not try to camouflage your hips with wide trousers. Wear straight-cut trousers sewn from flowy fabric. Always prefer dark and single colors. Never ever wear tights!

Top: If your top is thin and your hips are wide, you need to eliminate this difference in your body. Then, you can wear shirts, sweaters, t-shirts, etc., in a style that will draw attention to your upper body. Do not hesitate to wear it. Use flowers, geometric shapes, mixed colors, even big accessories, apply tiny décolletés. Give weight to eye and lip makeup.

Dress – skirt: Use loose fabric and neutral colors (such as black, gray, beige) on your skirts. Definitely avoid oblique cut and shirred models. Choose cuts where the waistline starts just above the hips. The point you need to pay attention to in the dress is to highlight your breasts and hide your hips. The most correct model is straight cuts that have a waist line but do not fit the waist too much and do not remove the hip round. A below-the-knee hemline is best.

NECK DECOLLE: If you have a long neck, you can apply any style. In particular, rounded cleavage and a small scarf tied around the neck will look very nice.

If you have a short neck, choose “V” neck blouses or “V” cut-outs; your neck will appear longer. Try not to use a scarf; it shortens your neck and makes it look like it is buried in your shoulders. Instead, take a shawl over your shoulders; so that your “V” decollete will not be closed.

Decollete on SHOULDER: If you have square shoulders, choose asymmetrical off-the-shoulder or sleeveless clothes. If your shoulders are round, thin straps are ideal for you.

If your shoulders are low and narrow, don’t wear clothes with raglan sleeves. Clothing with deep armholes that reveal the shoulders will make the shoulders look wider.

CHOICE OF SHOES The basis for the heel is the skirt length of the outfit. A heel longer than 7 cm can be worn with a skirt length that is at knee and below the knee. It is necessary to use a lower heel with a mini skirt.

If you are obese, avoid high heels to avoid disproportionation with your body, medium heels are ideal. If you are short, a high and thin heel creates an imbalance in your body, giving you a curved and hunchbacked appearance. A height of 5-6 cm is sufficient.

If you’re tall, don’t choose shoes that are too flat, though. Even a little heel will add charm to your look.

We hope, clothing reccamendations in this article are useful for you.

Wish you good day…

Originally posted 2021-12-06 20:35:13.

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