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Skin care products


Information about skin care products and lotions

In the treatment of skin and subcutaneous plates, medication is applied through the skin. Medicines applied to the skin are in the form of cream, ointment, lotion, oil, liniment (liquid and powder).

Creams: They can be oily or non-oily. After being applied to the skin, they melt with body temperature and are absorbed through the skin. While oily creams protect the infected tissue, they also prevent the development of new infections here.

Ointments: They are oily or aqueous solutions. These preparations contain – 50 water.

Gels: They are semi-solid mixtures that melt when applied to the skin.

Liquids: They are obtained by adding water at a certain temperature to therapeutic powders or solutions.

Aeroseols: Liquid and powder composition are drugs. It is also possible to store it in an alcohol spray.

Lotions: They are drugs that relieve itching, protect the skin, have softening and smoothing effects.

Oils: They soften, nourish and protect the skin.

Liniments: They are liquid drugs that are applied and rubbed to the aching area to relieve or relieve pain caused by sprains and rheumatism.

Powder drugs (powders): They are used as lubricants and desiccants. They are chemical mixtures in powder form.

Suppositories: They are drugs that are stored in aluminum or plastic packages and that act by melting at body temperature.

When applying medication to the skin, it is necessary to consider the condition of the skin. When it is necessary to apply medication on an infectious and open wound, sterile technique should be used.

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