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Obonjan Island, Croatia


With popular holiday destinations such as Split, Hvar Island and Dubrovnik, Croatia is already among the places to travel in 2020. The dazzling beauty of the Dalmatian coast meets the traces of ancient history, and there are countless places to visit in Croatia.

One suggestion that I believe will be remarkable for those looking for different experiences in the country they visit is Obonjan Island in Šibenik, Croatia! great environment to be.

There is only one facility serving on the island. Obonjan also draws attention as an adult-only island. During the days you spend here, you can explore the bays of the island, attend yoga classes, You can enjoy the music and entertainment, or you can lie down in the shade of a tree and get rid of all the tiredness of the year.

Experience is highly valued on this holiday island and a full holiday is promised with various workshops and events.

If you want to attend the festival on Obonjan Island (The Island Festival) there between 30 August 2020 and 4 September 2020. you should be Start planning now and don’t forget to buy your festival ticket.

Originally posted 2021-12-06 21:06:21.

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