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Indispensable Water Parks of Summer!


Aqua parks are another name given to entertainment areas, which means water park. So called large pools of water. Aqua parks are generally established on a large land. Water parks, which we call aqua parks, especially located in hotels and holiday centers, are one of the areas where people have fun in the summer months. Unfortunately, it is not easy for everyone to reach the sea in our country. Therefore, the concept of aqua park becomes an opportunity for people who go to holiday centers without a coast or live in cities.

In this article, we have prepared a list of the world’s best aqua parks that you must see.

Universal’s Volcano Bay Aqua Park – FloridaInformation News

Universal’s Volcano Bay is one of the best water parks in the world. Volcano Bay, located at Universal Studios in Orlando, USA, is a groundbreaking place in aqua park understanding. It is shown as one of the best aqua parks in the world with its technology slides and entertainment areas. Every moment of your life will be a different adventure at Universal’s Volcano Bay.


World Water Park – Canada
Information News

World Water Park is one of the best water parks designed purely for fun. Especially the wave pool has managed to impress many people. It also serves as Canada’s largest water park. Its impressive appearance is almost aimed at attracting people to the water. World Water Park, which is among the best aqua parks in the world, draws attention not only with its wave pool but also with its interesting water slides.

Las Cascada Aqua Park – Caribbean

Information News


There are many aqua parks in the Caribbean. But Las Cascada Water Park is one of the best water parks in the Caribbean. The aqua park, which is established in a very large area, has activities that you can have fun all day long. Las Cascada, which is among the best aqua parks, is frequently mentioned with its pools with artificial waves and rivers. In addition to being an aqua park that appeals to children and adults, it is among the best water parks where you can meet your needs such as eating and drinking both in that area and in the pool.



Blizzard Beach, Disney World – Florida

Information News

Blizzard Beach, which is part of Disney World in Florida, USA, draws attention with its creative architecture. Blizzard Beach, one of the best aqua parks in the world, was built in the form of a ski resort with melting snow. Glacier mountains and ski lifts must be seen from the face in the aqua park.

Tropical Islands Aqua Park – Berlin

Information News

Having a different concept, Tropical Island was established on an area of ​​4,400 square meters. It has managed to become one of the best aqua parks because it includes interesting themes. It also includes rainforests and tropical villages. In addition to entertainment, the aqua park also gives people the opportunity to stay. Tropical Island, which is among the best aqua parks in the world, is a place specially designed with water slides. It is the largest aqua park in this area in Europe. Definitely a place to be considered.

Siam Aqua Park – Spain

Information News

This water park in Spain is among the best aqua parks in the world. The park is divided into three sections: relaxation, family and adrenaline. This delightful aqua park in the Canary Islands attracts a lot of attention from tourists. Offering a choice to holidaymakers of all ages, Siam Park is a place where you can spend the whole day having fun and having interesting experiences.


Raging Waters Aqua Park – California

Information News

Raging Waters, located in California, which is among the best aqua parks in the world, will allow you to spend a day full of interesting activities. It also gives people the opportunity to experience their courage. It is among the best water parks to be evaluated with its ambitious activities.

Beach Park – Brezilya

Information News

Beach Park, the largest aqua park in South America, offers families and thrill lovers a wonderful water park experience. Beach Park Brazil, which has one of the highest slides in the world, is a must-see for adrenaline enthusiasts. The exquisite view also accompanies this excitement. Be sure to see Beach Park on our list of the best water parks.



Chimelong Aqua Park- China

Information News

Chimimelong Water Park in China is making a name for itself with more than millions of visitors. It is one of the most famous water parks in the world. The facility, which manages to host the tourists coming to the water park in the best way, also pleases its visitors with many activities. It allows you to have fun with food and beverage, pools, concerts, events, shows and water slides. In addition, since the facility has the capacity to host many people, it uses the ozonated water filtration system, not neglecting to keep cleanliness in the foreground.


Sunway Lagoon Aqua Park – Malaysia

Information News

Sunway Lagoon has an ambitious place in our water park list. Sunway Lagoon, which is Malaysia’s largest aqua park and one of the best aqua parks, has numerous water slides. It is even possible to surf in this aqua park, which has interesting themes. For Sunway Lagoon, which is one of the best aqua parks in the world, a total of 6 tons of real sand was used together with many palm trees.

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