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The average life expectancy of a person after birth is 70-80 years. The most important point for human life is health. As a healthy individual, there is nothing we cannot do to maintain our life. There are many factors that trigger our health, from the air we breathe to the water we drink to the foods we eat. Unfortunately, in recent years, we have had difficulties in finding natural food sources and eating healthy. Especially the hormones and artificial fertilizers used in agriculture have negative effects on our health. Although we take great care of ourselves and stay away from foods that will harm our body, they somehow enter our lives.

As with everything else, excessive consumption of coffee is harmful. Excessive consumption of coffee disrupts the heart rhythm and jeopardizes heart health. Coffee activates stomach ailments by increasing the acid level in the stomach. What do you think about cigarettes? Smoking rate in Turkey (2016) ranks 10th in the world with 24%. I am not surprised that tobacco, which is so dangerous even passive smoking, is smoked throughout the country.

Coffee and Cigarettes

We cannot finish counting the harmful factors for our health. But I can tell you what you need to know about beneficial factors. I will talk about a classic action that you know and are tired of hearing. To do sport. It is the most important action in human life, whose benefits do not end with counting. Although it is usually done as an external beauty, it has many good aspects for human health. Since I cannot finish telling you about the benefits of doing sports, I will mention a few of them. It increases the oxygen capacity as well as increases the good cholesterol in the blood. It prevents the early formation of lactic acid accumulation in the blood (etc.)


Being a healthy individual is something that everyone wants throughout their life.
That’s why we should always take care of our health and make concessions for a peaceful life.

We wish you a healthy life.. Uniqe Hall

Originally posted 2021-12-16 15:32:26.

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