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How to Get a US Student Visa?

Student Visa

How to Get a US Student Visa?

Another visa type that people who will travel in order to participate in education programs in America should apply is the American student visa. The F1/F2 student visa is among the most frequently obtained visas. Before deciding to study in the USA, it will be possible to obtain a student visa at the earliest 120 days before the conditions specified in the registration dates. After completing the form prepared to get to know visa applicants, other stages can be passed. It is necessary to print out the form prepared in order to get to know the student going to the visa interview. During the interviews, the students’ education plans should be presented in detail and the reason for the trip should be clearly stated. Applicants must fill out the form submitted by the destination university. This form, which is an indication of the acceptance of the student, contains a lot of information about education. In addition, the SEVIS payment receipt must be ready before the appointment day. Students who want to cross the borders of the USA must keep the SEVIS form with them.

Both Travel and Education Opportunities

When accepting students, the American Consulates want to see with certainty that the education expenses will be easily provided by the students throughout the period. In this way, students will have the opportunity to both travel and study. The transcript must be with the student. If the student’s expenses are to be covered by the family, the family’s income statement must be with the student. We have to say that various universities also inform the students how much their budget should be, taking into account the education period of the students.

Accommodation Opportunity with USA Student Visa

If you have decided to go to America for travel and education, you should know that there are quite different options for living on or off campus, depending on your budget and needs. Although universities offer accommodation on campus, accommodation in dormitories varies according to the characteristics of the room and dining options. Apartments or houses will also be the choice of those who want to live outside the campus. The activity and tours that take place in the city of Boston are sometimes offered free of charge, and you can make unique trips in your education life. If you intend to tour Boston on a sunny day, there are also food courts to stop along the way. Excursion opportunities in museums are offered free of charge every day for students and one night a week for others.

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