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How Killer Whales Hunt?


How Killer Whales Hunt
There are more than one answer to the question of How Killer Whales Hunt, because killer whales, which are among the most intelligent creatures in the world, have developed many tactics. These whales, which can weigh up to 10 tons, can surprise their prey with their agile behavior whenever they want.

How Killer Whales Hunt

Killer whales, which hunt seals, narwhals, sharks and large whales, travel in groups of 40 and implement a systematic hunting strategy.


Don’t be fooled by the cute looks of killer whales, which have a playful and curious character. Killer whales, who use interesting tactics to hunt, are just as good problem solvers as crows.


More than one whale surrounds the seal on the ice and creates waves. Unable to stay on the ice any longer, the seal slips into the sea and becomes food for whales.

3. They kill their prey by suffocating

By closing the air holes of the whales they will hunt, they prevent them from breathing and suffocate them in this way. The whale they drag under the water gets tired and gives up, and thus the hunt takes place.

4. Whales that hit the shore

Do not think that every whale that washes ashore is helpless and cannot return to the sea. This tactic was developed by killer whales, and they are the only whales to hunt by beaching themselves. The seals they drag ashore throw themselves ashore and think they have escaped, but the killer whale pulls itself ashore and catches the seal suddenly and drags it back to the sea to hunt it. This tactic is an important hunting tactic taught to young killer whales by adults. Young whales are taken ashore and trained by adults to learn this tactic in practice.


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