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How are pregnancy tests done?


Pregnancy tests from past to present?

All of the tests used in the diagnosis of pregnancy are based on the search for chorionic gonadotrope hormone (HCG) secreted by the placenta. The presence of this hormone is biological, immune biological (serum tests) and hormonal pregnancy tests.

a) Biological tests:
By injecting the urine of the pregnant woman into the experimental animals, the changes in these animals are analyzed. The most used biological tests are;

Eşhem (aschhiem) – zondek
Fredman (friedman)
Frog (hobgen, gali mania) tests. Biological tests are not used today.

b) Immune biological (serum) tests:
To perform the test, erythrocytes, antiserum, and pregnant woman’s urine containing human chorionic gonadotropin are put into the tube. The basis of the test is to detect HCG in pregnant urine. For this purpose, if the antiserum obtained from rabbits immunized with HCG and HCG treated sheep erythrocytes are mixed with pregnant urine, if there is no HCG in the urine, a collapse occurs at the bottom of the tube. (Negative test) If there is HCG in the urine, there is no collapse at the bottom of the tube (Positive test)

Recently, serum tests have been developed with the result within a few minutes. Serum (immune biological tests) tests available in the market are latex, cartex, etc. These tests are;

Pregnant woman’s urine
Ready-made solution containing specific antibodies
Dark erythrocytes or latex particles coated with antigen are used. The result can be obtained from an average of 3 minutes to 2.5 hours. The most used forms are “pregnestikone; They are “planto” tests. Accurate results are obtained if used in accordance with the prospectus.

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