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GTA 5 Batman Mode Coming!


GTA 5 Batman mode is coming!
Take Two has not yet interfered with mods for GTA Trilogy games. For this reason, we have come across many game modes for GTA 5 so far. Among the main reasons for this is the fact that the heroes, who are phenomenal, are more preferred. Game modes remind us of the release of the GTA Kurtlar Vadisi game mode a long time ago. Because Valley of the Wolves was also among the famous TV series of the time of Vice City.

GTA 5 Batman mod, which has been started to be worked on, can be 1-2 steps ahead of other game modes thanks to its features. It is said that very special animations are waiting for us…

GTA 5 Batman Mode Special Animations
GTA 5 Batman mode will appear with its special animations. The mod maker, codenamed “JulioNIB”, who is well-known about game modes and has his signature in many mod productions, published a short video.

JulioNIB showed the animations containing the GTA 5 Batman mode in the short video he published. Judging by the video, the Dark Knight has special animations as well as the weapons he always uses. The most noted features in the game mode are as follows:

  • Hook usage,
  • Gliding with a cloak,
  • Melee dynamics
    Many features are waiting for us in just a short video. !
    Stay well 🙂

Originally posted 2021-12-10 13:43:32.

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