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Folic Acid Deficiency in Hair Whitening


Folic Acid Deficiency in Hair Whitening

Hair Whitening

In recent years, hair whitening, which is an irritating feature for many people, is accepted as a problem that cannot be solved with herbal treatments and other methods used. Among the causes of hair whitening, there are genetic factors as well as the effect of folic acid deficiency.

Studies show that many people result in hair whitening due to folic acid deficiency. The intense whitening of the hair strands actually reflects that other symptoms of folic acid deficiency are also seen in the person.

Among the symptoms of folic acid deficiency, symptoms such as fatigue, whitening of hair, sores in the mouth, swelling of the tongue are observed, as well as growth and developmental retardation, especially in children. People with these symptoms are more likely to experience whitening in their hair, apart from their genetic predisposition.

Among the causes of folic acid deficiency, genetic factors can be counted as well as malnutrition, intestinal diseases and the inability to absorb folic acid due to B 12 deficiency and the side effects of the drugs used.

In order to prevent hair whitening by supporting it from the outside and inside, it is possible to prevent graying of hair with nutrition and vitamin support by performing the necessary tests.


Originally posted 2021-12-16 15:37:16.

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