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English Tea


English tea leaves differ from the other tea we consume. The leaves of this tea, which is famous in England, are larger and looser.

How to Prepare English Tea?
English tea tastes bitter if brewed for a long time. Therefore, it should be infused for a maximum of 5 minutes. The thing that makes the brewing technique different is that milk is added to the tea other than water. Boiled water is added slowly into the tea poured into the teapot and rested for 5 minutes. The next step is to add milk. Desired amount of milk is added to the tea to soften the taste. In some traditions, milk is served with tea. Serving it as an addition is for the person who will drink the tea to adjust the tea according to his own pleasure.

The biggest reason for adding milk to English tea is to reduce theine and acidity in tea. Although this is known in the sources, the flavor it gives to tea is appreciated by the British.

Why is English Tea Consumed at 5 o’clock?
English tea is consumed at 5 o’clock according to English tradition. There is such an English culture in the past, although it is not practiced much today.

In the 1800s, Queen Victoria ate only 2 meals a day. There were quite long intervals between the meals he ate. Anna, the seventh Duchess of Bedford, suffered from diabetes and was experiencing low blood sugar between these long meals. The duchess, who fainted as a result of her low blood sugar, used to consume tea and snacks in her room around 5 o’clock. This habit has spread around it over time.

At around 5 o’clock, the Duchess called her friends to her room and began to organize tea parties. This invitation, which pleased the king, gradually spread throughout the palace. The tea activities, which grew over time, were later spread all over England.


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