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Do We Use Artificial Intelligence in Our Daily Lives?


We use artificial intelligence in our daily lives whether we know about it or not.

Siri on our smartphones is just one of the artificial intelligences in our pockets. Google ‘s Now ‘ and Microsoft ‘s Cortana ‘ act as virtual assistants just like Siri. The vehicles produced by Google and Tesla and developed more and more day by day offer the opportunity of driverless travel. It is not difficult to predict that driving will disappear in the near future.

Spotify, where we listen to music, Software such as Netflix, which we follow with interest in TV series, contain artificial intelligence algorithms. When you examine any movie poster, browse a trailer or watch a TV series, this artificial intelligence algorithm learns something about you and analyzes it and produces movies or TV shows that you will like as suggestions and advertisements. We can say that a similar artificial intelligence algorithm applies to Spotify for music.

There are also artificial intelligence algorithms in applications that appear as chatbots. Chatbots, on which Facebook works intensively, are capable of responding to users 24/7. Although these artificial intelligences, which provide appropriate answers to the questions, do not work very efficiently at the moment, unfortunately, they may dismiss the employees who offer solutions in the future!

Google ‘s popular service translation (translate), which is used by almost everyone to translate a foreign language, is about He has been working under the control of artificial intelligence algorithms for 2 years. Every time we use this service, we communicate with artificial intelligence and artificial intelligence tries to make the most accurate translation for you.

How does it do that? This artificial intelligence reads the texts written by billions of people in the world on the Internet, improves itself, learns and tries to improve its translations by using up-to-date data on the communication of different languages with each other. And here is another interesting situation.
Dear readers, we have briefly summarized Artificial Intelligence for you today, stay tuned for more 🙂

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Originally posted 2021-12-06 20:48:22.

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