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Polterabend, Germany

According to tradition, the relatives of the couple who decided to get married break all the plates after they gather before the wedding and eat, and the couple is asked to collect them. The purpose of this interesting tradition is to show the future married that they can overcome all difficulties by joining hands.

Seppuku, Japan

This custom, also known as Harakiri, is a tradition that the Japanese who do not accept losing prefer death rather than experiencing defeat. means they do. It is common in the country today to kill oneself to protect one’s honor to not be defeated. It is also part of the wedding preparations. This is thought to be a sign of devotion to the bride’s own family home.

Sprinkling Cinnamon, Denmark

In Denmark, cinnamon is poured on young people who are single on their 25th birthday. If a young person, male or female, celebrates their 30th birthday and is still single, this time too, pepper is poured.

Don’t push your head on the cake, Mexico

Mexican birthday When the person bends down to take the first bite after blowing out the candles on the cake, his head is quickly pushed into the cake by someone around. This fun move is a tradition, so everyone accepts their fate.

Baby throwing, India

Throwing newborn babies from the top of a high temple onto a large piece of cloth stretched out by people below has been a tradition in India for 500 years. This ritual, performed in the first week of December every year, is believed to bring health, prosperity and luck to babies.

Tooth filling, Indonesia

A tooth filling tradition practiced by individuals who want to get married in Bali available. Both women and men believe that by getting two dental fillings before the wedding, they keep bad feelings such as anger, greed, jealousy, and envy away from themselves.

Beer pools, Czechia

Czechs, general They think that beer is good for the body and healthy mentally.

Originally posted 2021-12-06 20:50:34.

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